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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

I am dedicated to my clients' well being. By creating and offering client-centered sessions for each individual client.  These sessions are designed for each individual and their specific needs.


Swedish Massage:  Swedish Massage is massage of the soft tissue of the body to induce a state of deep relaxation.  It works the muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Swedish Massage can but is not limited to increasing circulation, relieving muscles tension, soothing tight muscles, decreasing chronic pain and relieving stress. 

30 min.-$50

60 min.-$80

90 min.-$100

 5-60 min. sessions $350


Thai Massage:  Thai massage is also known as "assisted yoga."  This is an Eastern influenced modality that is unlike the kneading and continuous strokes of Swedish massage.  The Thai method uses pressure points, muscle stretching and compressions, which are applied by the massage therapist's thumbs, palms, knees and feet and which is done in a slow, rhythmic and gentle rocking movement. 

60 min.-$95

90 min.-$120


Chair Massage:  Seated chair massage is a quick and efficient way to boost your energy, while relaxing and reducing muscle tension before work, during your lunch break, after work or on your day off.  Chair massage focuses on the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. 

20 min.-$25

30 min. -$35


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